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Land Use Development & Regulatory Law

Keevican Weiss & Bauerle LLC lawyers have extensive experience helping owners, developers, lenders, and tenants design projects that work. Our lawyers handle the delicate balance between public and private interests, control the governmental process, and clear the way for profitable development in the face of stringent environmental and zoning requirements. Our familiarity with the many government agencies involved in the development process enables us to plan preemptively for issues that might otherwise present obstacles -- zoning, permitting, municipal services, highway access, and so forth. We also draw on lawyers skilled in other disciplines, marshalling expertise to handle issues that arise involving environmental impact, construction dynamics, and coal and mineral rights.

Site Acquisition:

Site acquisition is frequently the most sensitive stage in a development. Our lawyers' decades of experience in the region means they are familiar with most potential sites. In some cases, the same site has been bought or sold by lawyers in our office on several occasions. Confidentiality is critical to the site acquisition process. We have regularly represented site acquirers without the seller discerning our client's identity.

Project Development Agreements:

Perhaps the least glamorous stage of any project is preparation and negotiation of project development agreements. The success of this stage is vital if the project is to run smoothly later with a minimum of disputes. Our lawyers master the details and make sure all of the pieces fit together while keeping in view the client's overall game plan.


No project works without a successful financing plan.

Our lawyers' experience in the field enables us to develop financing alternatives. Our familiarity with the closely knit community of real estate lenders means our clients' lenders are comfortable dealing with familiar parties. We have been retained as special real estate counsel by lenders from Boston to California on projects as diverse as a 65-story office building and industrial manufacturing plants. Further, our long-standing ties to local, state, and regional economic development agencies often enable us to add a favorably priced financing component.

Post-Construction Issues:

After the dust settles, the challenge of project development is often only half over. Final construction issues must be resolved, tenants located and signed and long-term property management issues addressed. Our lawyers approach these issues with one goal in mind: maximize asset value for our clients. Our construction claims lawyers are experts in utilizing alternative dispute resolution programs and minitrials to dispense with construction claims in an expeditious and cost-effective fashion. Our real estate lawyers have extensive backgrounds in leasing and management issues that enable us to negotiate leasing and management contracts with a minimum of complications.


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