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Hart on Nighttalk

Melissa Hart will be a guest legal panelist on NightTalk on WPXI - PCNC February 25 at 8:00PM. Discussions to include:

Apple vs. FBI - Privacy Issues versus Homeland Security

Supreme Dilemma: Will the Senate stall any nominations until 2017?

Trump Nomination Inevitable? - Can the GOP Establishment derail him either politically or legally?

Another Eligibility Challenge for Cruz - this time from within the Keystone State

Should PA Taxpayers have to pay for Gender Reassignment surgeries?

Erin Andrews' Peephole Lawsuit - Is her emotional distress worth $75M? And how much blame is on the Marriott?

25 February 2016
The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette called Mr. Keevican a "middle-market merger maker" and "one of Pittsburgh's busiest mergers and acquisitions attorneys."