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Summer Internship Program

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To further our mission as a business law firm, we have redefined our summer internship program and the role of the candidates we intend to attract.

The Law School Summer Program will consist of second-year law students who are hired directly into two of the firm's eight primary departments. If you become a member of our team, you will, from your first day on the job, function as a practicing member of the department into which you are hired.

During the ten week KWB summer program, you will work only on real corporate transactions in-progress and lawsuits that are actually pending in courts of record. You will be trained on-the-job exactly the way first-year associates are trained after they join the firm full-time. You will experience exactly what it will be like to be an associate within the firm: There will be some long nights doing research just like our associates experience; there will be new, complicated legal and business issues to grapple with under tight deadlines; and there will be constant scrutiny of your writing with heavy editing and frequent redrafting. The satisfaction you achieve from being part of the KWBH team will be the same satisfaction we strive to achieve: To close the transaction or win the case with ingenuity and hard-work, to feel the appreciative hand-shake of a valued client whose success you have just assured, and to have the income and opportunity to support a worthy charity with your money and talent.

Keevican Weiss & Bauerle LLC has created a program in which you will know exactly what we do, how we do it and what your role will be if you ultimately join us. Conversely, by the end of the summer we will know your talents and ambitions, your industry and creativity and how you can best be a valued member of our team.

As an intern, you will be assigned an office directly within your department. You will be paired with a junior partner within that department who will coordinate your workload, facilitate your periodic evaluation and further your personal integration into the department and the firm. Your work will come principally from your department, but there will be a healthy mix of work from other practice groups as well, in order for you to understand everything we do and to work with members of the other departments.

We are not necessarily looking for students with experience or formal education in these practice areas, or even for people who can say with certainty that these are the areas in which they intend to practice. Instead we are looking for energetic students, who are not afraid of hard work and who have a strong commitment to learn how to bring value to our business clients through the application of legal skills.


Summer Internship

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